The world needs your art

The world needs your art

"Create to show what is possible". 

Growing up a self taught artist is a very confusing path.  As a kid everyone encourages and admires your "art".  I used to dread the " You'll be a famous artist one day!" prediction.  

But as you grow older and look at college the voices change. Suddenly you are told "it's not possible" or "it's incredibly hard to make a living doing art."  Well, this pissed me off to say the least.  Hypocrisy and I don't get along.  ....

I get it. Creativity is not taught in our schools or fostered much in our work environments. Society has taught us that only a select few who are "talented" can be creative.  This is a lie to say the least.  While it takes bravery and the the acceptance of uncertainty to be creative, it really comes down to choice.   

ODBRUSH is about creativity and embracing individuality. We believe everyone is an artist in their own right, capable of true innovation and growth when boundaries are shattered and risks are taken. We want to inspire people to embrace their own creative journeys, understanding that great achievements are often the result of countless experiments, iterations, and even failures.

Talent is not required, but acquired.  

Create Fearlessly. 


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